Saturday, June 28, 2008

the drinks of your life!

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i think i'm in between the second and the fourth drink, i dont know about you, but i absolutely hope not to have the fourth one!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just another song!

its the lover not the love who broke your heart!

Do not blame love, just you making wrong choice in loving! Accept you made a mistake and go on living!

I know its hard i had been there, but there are thousand and one ways to heal a broken heart, just don't be stupid in doing the same mistakes!


Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift!

thats why it is called "PRESENT". How we accept the present that makes it good or bad!

Well i had my share of worrying too much of what happened, lingered too much of the past and nothing changed!

Accepting the present would lighten your burden and let history teach you, let the present guide you for the gift that tomorrow brings and enjoy the best of life as tomorrow unpack its mystery in your hands!

Am i making sense?


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Im drinking, AGAIN!

yes i am drinking again! and its good news, I am doing it just for fun and to socialize! I do no longer drink to drown the pain in my heart, and i do no longer drink to forget!

I drink because there is a party! Now i know how to control my self!

I dont know if i am completely free from my broken heart, but i am definitely gaining self control and i love the feeling of having control!

tag from a friend

got this tag from Marvz 18!

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I am tagging all my contacts! hehehehe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to the gym!

Wow! i gained weight! and i just notice it! I shifted all my attention to my broken heart and forgot everything else and now my abs turned to tabs hahaha!

I need exercise, i need to work out!

I need to go to the gym!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A better tomorrow!

for so long sleepless nights haunted me, memories of the past making me awake all night, thinking of everything yet staring to nothing!

Yeah i am getting nuts but then suddenly, sleep begin to caress me, making me sleep like a baby, worries started to leave me and with better sleep i am now getting a better view of the future, and i love it!

the future might not always turn to what we want it, but to have a better perception of it makes us more willing to wake up and embrace what tomorrow offer us!

shrugging off the memories of the past is not easy but chose a memory that would make you step further is wiser than choosing a memory that would make you fall and never want to stand, and make you a loser forever, its not easy but there are hundreds of ways if you really want it! I learned that the hard way, But i am happy about it and i hope the future offers more than what i expected!

I had my own bruises and cuts as i fought my war, I have not won it but i learned from it and it gave me strength and determination to live and go on living!

How i did it? I dont know, i just choose a better memory, the one that makes my heart yearn for the future and not embrace those painful memory that only cause me pain!

And i think that helped me! I hope that will help you too if your heart was once broken!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blend in!

Theres a new world thats waiting for you!
thats all right you know what to do!

I just love this commercial, says a lot!
Aliens around us, how we blend?
thats for us to find out!

sweets for me!

i just had enough of bitter tasting desserts and shifted my attention to some sweets!

I just hope i will be accustomed to the sweet taste and forget the bitterness in my heart!

Friday, June 20, 2008

You! My Blog! My Therapy!

I am broken hearted I know that is a fact, but i am trying to forget, to heal it, and be free from the binds of loneliness!

Blogging helped me a lot, It became my therapy, It helped me face the reality that i am broken hearted and i have to accept it.

Blogging help me remember i am trying to heal myself and whenever i am confronted with the memories of the past i just face my computer and describe what i feel and share it to you!

I am not yet completely healed, I am still in the first phase of healing and i don't know if i will be able to heal myself, but what is important is i had the initiative to start and try to heal myself!

And I am happy that most of you say everything will pass and everything will be all right! I needed all the encouragement i need to go on and not abandon this fight.

You! My Blog! My Therapy!

Thank you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unexpected stop: angel sleeping!

how i wish i would be able to sleep like this baby, peacefully and with a smile!

For so long sleeping is always a problem to me, the long night is always filled with nightmare, with thoughts and memories painful and joyful alike always make me awake all night!

I want to move on, I want my heart to forget, but every time i close my eyes the memories just keep pouring in and i am left sleepless and hurt again!

I don't know why i am so sentimental and i don't know why i am still clinging to the past, I know it had been so long, I need to step forward but i am just so stupid that i cant lift my foot to take that one step forward!

I want to focus my attention to the future but i just don't know how to envision it.

I want to open my heart for another love, but i just don't know how to free it first from the bind of the past!

Saying the words to forget is easy but doing it is so hard, but then i am happy that at least i am trying to forget and no longer linger to the memories of the past!

I hope i just need more time to forget! as most of you tell time heals, and i look forward when that time comes when i am free and ready to fall in love again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First stop: Able to admire the views

i have never seen the sunset so beautiful. I know i stayed in my room for so long and imprisoned myself in its four corners, drowned myself with alcohol and had never given myself a chance to look and admire the things i should see!

Mind over Heart!

My mind is finally taking over, for so long i let my heart rule my world and did all what my heart told me! But unfortunately my world started to fall apart and now i have to pick up the pieces and start all over again!

I dont blame my heart for its stupidity for it is I who allowed it to rule my world, and followed its decision though my mind is clearly trying to stop and make me take a detour to see whats going on.

Everything had been done, and now is the time to pick up the pieces, allow my mind to rule over my heart once again and restore the balance and hope everything will turn out right!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A long journey home!

I know what your thinking, a very long road but this is my choice, to travel the long road in my quest to heal my broken heart.

I now have a purpose and a direction, and thats what i need, and if ever i will be able to reach the end of my journey is yet to be seen, for i am just still beginning to tread this long road and i hope it will lead me home and heal my broken heart in the process of my journey.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A roller coaster ride

Sure it is fun to have a roller coaster ride, it give you the thrills and excitement, because you know the ride will soon stop and you will soon have your feet back on the solid ground, you have the choice to do it again or never to set foot in it ever!

But sure it is no fun at all if your life is a roller coaster ride, you don't know when will it stop and you have no choice but to ride it till it stops going around!

Friday, June 13, 2008

On my Own!

in times when we are down and low, we have to find something that would help us take another step forward!

On my own

I just love this song!

I'm wiser now
I'm not the foolish boy you used to know
So long ago
I'm stronger now
I've learned from my mistakes which way to go
And I should know
I put myself aside to do it your way
But now I need to do it all alone

And I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel
No matter what I'll keep it real you know
Time for me to do it on my own
Yeah yeah, mmm, yeah yeah

It's over now
I can't go back to living through your eyes
Too many lines
And if you don't know by now
I can't go back to being someone else
Not anymore
I never had a chance to do things my way
So now it's time for me to take control

And I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel
No matter what I'm gonna keep it real you know
Time for me to do it

Oh I start again go back to one
I'm running things my way
Can't stop me now, I've just begun
Don't even think about it
There ain't no way about it
I'm taking names, the ones of mine
Yes I'm gonna take my turn
It's time for me to finally stand alone, stand alone

I am not afraid to try it on my own
And I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel
No matter what I'm gonna keep it real you know
It's time for me to do it
See I'm not afraid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just enjoyed the cloud formation!

under construction!

Caution: My Heart under Renovation!

I hope the renovation would soon be over!

Just cruising!

I don't know what came to me, i just started driving along the south super highway and just took snapshots along the way!

Waste of time? not exactly! i just enjoyed the view from the window of my car!

Thank goodness! there was no traffic hehehe!

Monday, June 9, 2008

i am wiser now!

I am again standing in another fork road in my journey to life. I do not have any idea where this two separate roads will bring me, but i can not stand here all my life trying to figure out what they offer! I have to choose a path and take another step forward.

Its hard to choose especially if you do not have any idea where the road you choose will lead you, but as they always say, you always have to move forward though your choice is not as good as you wished it will be, you definitely have to make a choice.

The last time i encountered a fork road i made a mistake and threaded a less traveled road, now i think i have am a little more wiser than i was before and take the road more travelers choose.

My previous journey was not as good as i had expected, but it took me this far, i know i learned some lessons in it though i am yet stubborn to accept the lessons i learned from it, i might be able to use some of those lessons in this another journey.

Our journey make us wiser each time, and become more aware of things as they happen, and only when we accept and learn from them that we will be able to defend ourselves in a much similar situation.

The journey is not easy but it will not be very hard if we know what to do, I just hope today as i take my first step, I will be more productive and much more wiser in facing all the obstacle that the road to life will throw.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

my heart for sale!

Who wants to buy my heart?!.
im having it 4 sale..
though its only 2nd hand,
still it functions well..
cause once i sold it whole
it was returned to me into pieces.

but now i had it all repaired
so now im back in my business.
who wants to buy my heart?
satisfaction guaranteed.
it has free service charge
and a lifetime warranty.
so if your asking 4 d price
well your in a bargain.

it only costs your

I gave my heart away!

This is me, definitely tore my chest open and offered my heart to the woman of my dreams.

Unfortunately she did not accepted my offering and now i could no longer put my heart back.

The wound is still fresh and my heart is still in my hands waiting for her to come back and caress it and to heal my wound!

I know her coming back is just a dream, for i know she had her own dream and she found it in the arms of another man. I know i have to accept my defeat but i just don't know how to start!

I had tried a hundred and one times to forget her, but i was just too stubborn to give up. I love her so much that i don't know how to forget her.

You might say , i am stupid for clinging on for so long.

You might despise me for committing the same mistake.

You might even hate me for being stubborn.

But what should i do?

It is easy to say forget her, but do you have a way how?

Do you have any potion that erases memories and pains?

Would it be right if i love someone else again though i know my heart is still chained to her?

Is it alright to offer my heart once more to someone?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


for the past weeks alcohol had been one of my constant companion!
Its easy to be with if you are broken hearted!

  • it do not ask questions you dont want to answer!
  • it numbs your heart and feel nothing!
  • it makes you sleep soundly!
  • it makes you forget!

There is only "ONE" thing i don't like about it!

  • "HEADACHES" in the morning!

Now looking back "AGAIN". I know what i did was wrong! but the temptation that alcoholic drinks offer to people who wish to forget is too strong that a human body couldn't resist!

Alcohol make a person forget for a moment! the feeling of numbness is a sensation a man in pain need!

Alcohol becomes his anesthesia to feel numb, to feel no pain!

But just as local anesthesia does, it only holds the pain for a certain period of time!

And again! the pain just comes back!

too bad.....

back to reality....

but never back for good....

Sunday, June 1, 2008