Monday, April 20, 2009

One night only..

I don't know what happened last night, I was too drunk to remember, or i guess i choose not to remember .

I was on the bar with my vodka when a young and beautiful lady approached me and is obviously in flirting mode and what was i thinking? I woke up and she was there beside me in my pad, in my bed, and totally naked.

Its monday morning and i have work so i insisted she has to go. This is absolutely some kind of madness, lots of girls have been flirting with me but i choose to ignore them but this time i kind of gave in to her temptation.

And to think, i don't remember her name, or number..

Oh geez, is this what they call a one night stand?

Was i that too naive?


Rhodey said...

i dont know what to say...

I cant encourage you not to do that again, but i also couldn't stop you if you want to do it again..

am i right?

Just be safe man..