Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bottoms up my Friend...

I'm back into drinking again, and this time there's no such thing as moderation, it's more like drink all you can, drink as fast as you could, the faster you get drunk the faster you sleep.

Don't preach about things alcohol will do to my health, I already know that but i need to forget and the fastest way to forget is to get drunk and sleep soundly as possible.

Yes, I know this is wrong but I am not out of my mind, I have to do this, I need to escape, I need to feel numb, I need to forget.

It is so easy for you to say, "Get a Life", but do you have a guide on how?

I had been lost, and the light that gave me direction simply vanished, do you know how hard and painful that can be?

It would be very easy for you to say "I do", but do you really know? or your just saying that to cheer me up?

My mind is clouded with pain, frustration and anger at the moment, I need time to heal the pain and rearrange my life.

I don't need your criticism, and preaching, I need your guidance and understanding.

Bottoms up my friend...


John Vincent aka Jay Vee said...

itagay mo!!! sige lang! :)

pakalasing ka! tapos pag nagising ka na, humarap ka sa salamin, sabihin mo ano naman kaya mas magandang gawin bukod sa alak! :)

be good! :)

Rain Darwin said...

cheers for San Mig Light !

Rico said...

On my part, I can understand why you are doing this. Grieve and heal. Just remember, parang sabi ni Jay Vee, pagkatapos niyan, you think of what you need to do next.

In vino veritas. In wine, there is truth. Hopefully, when this drinking bout is over, you are in a much better position to move on, live life, and be happier.