Tuesday, April 21, 2009

for me..

I haven't tasted any alcohol today, I don't know if that's good news or what, but i just cant keep off thinking about what happened last night. Was that some kind of sick joke?

I came home early today trying to ward off that silly incident and remembered i haven't had dinner yet.

I opened my cup board only to find it empty, I really have to go shopping tomorrow or ill end up in another restaurant for my dinner.

I found a few stuff though, they have been in my fridge for a while but i think they are still edible but i just cant think how to make them into a real decent meal.

Its been a while since i cooked my own food and i think its about time i fix one for myself.

Hot dogs, carrots, lettuce, french fries, and a few slices of squid and a few ripe tomatoes. I was lucky to find mayonnaise and decided to toss a salad, i am not good in cooking but i hope it will be enough to satisfy my hunger.

a few dash of salt, pepper, some herbs, mints and other spices and a few minutes later, dinner is served.

It was not very appetizing but it sure does satisfied my hunger, the carrots was tender and crispy and it sure went well with the tomatoes, lettuce and the fries and hot dogs was wonderful.

I only hope i could sleep tonight and not go out again to drink just to sleep.


Rico said...

If you had rice, you could have made stir fry. :-) Nevertheless, I admire you for being able to eat only those things. Kulang sa akin yun if it was a regular meal. If it's dinner, I can skip it and be able to still sleep.

Rhodey said...

i guess that's what he got at the moment and the fact he was able to make something out of it i think is fun.

And the best thing is he satisfied his hunger and that's what matters most at the moment hehe

footiam said...

Hey, what happen last night seems like fun. If only you don't have too much vodka and know what happened!