Thursday, October 30, 2008


Thursday, October 23, 2008


well, I think i am finally back in the blogger's world, the reports and meetings finally subsided and the new branch of our business is up and running, and i am very ready to accept a more peaceful and relax life. Just me and my computer and an office just me updating my blog haha.

How funny when things happen, everything just pour out, like a heavy rain and you just don't know where to go just not to get wet and feel bad about it.

But sometimes the more you hide and fell sorry about the rain the more you become alone and lonely.

But when you start facing and learning to have fun in the rain that you would be more productive, and more happy about it.

The rain may make us wet and drain in rain water, but water is a source of life.

Next time if rain come pouring again, why don't you try and take a splash? enjoy it and learn to love it, because rain is a part of our life, if we see the rain as an enemy, now i think is the right time to make it an ally.

wow... did i make sense? hehehe

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just looking back...

I hated numbers as a student. I sometimes fell asleep in classes that dealt with numbers, well, okey I always sleep and skip my mathematics class. I am confused with the long solutions they present in every mathematical problem. I don't know why the solution have to be very long and confusing. And i don't have any interest in them.

I love stories and poems so i took Literature as a major, and i did well. Unfortunately fate played its trick and i was suddenly enveloped in a job that does not only include numbers but live with numbers.

I detest the job and plan on quitting, but then an angel just made me love numbers, made me understand and use them in my daily life. Well sometimes if you're in love, There's nothing you can do for the one that you love, and wella! Here I am numbers all around me, long solutions for a very simple mathematical problem and a mathematical problem that sometimes trick and treat you!

I learned to love the job and i really cared and love it and was rewarded! Unfortunately the angel who taught me love what i am doing took its flight and never came back in my arms.

I still remember her sometimes but the fellings no longer hurts. I remember the girl but i dont remember the feelings anymore hehe.

I am just very thankful she helped me love numbers.

I dont know why i am writting this maybe just to show my gratitude for her efforts and her efforts was not put to waste.

I was slumped for a long time for her lost but now i am ready to face her and say thank you without any hurt feelings in my heart.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I had been very busy for the last few days. Meetings, reports and deadlines seemed to have all dumped in my table and my life was just in complete chaos.

Wheew! what a week, I really have to remember this month and i hope it will never happen again.

Now at least the rush finally subsided and i hope the tranquil life i had before will now once more handed to me hehehe.

I really want to forget how many aspirin i took just to ease the pain of headache and to finally rest my eyes that only had an hour or so to rest for the past week and to finally rest my mind from the worries of the accounting world.

Numbers, debit, and credit is starting to haunt me and follow me even in my dreams.... And more formulas, and variances are trying to ruin my life.

But then they're just part of my job, I choose and love this job so i have to enjoy all the nightmares and headaches that goes with it hehe.

Wish me luck, I need it ....

And hopefully to have more time with my blog, seemed like my blog is becoming more like a xerox machine haha..